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IFoEC is dedicated to promoting professionalism and safe practice within esports and providing developmental pathways for aspiring and existing players, coaches and organisations in esports. Through our work in safeguarding, education and research we hope to raise the profile and professional standards of the esports performance industry globally whilst preserving the strong culture, connectivity and companionship that characterises this unique domain.


Our Mission is:

·      To develop the professional role of the coach in the esports industry and offer coaches and support staff access to high-quality training, peer-support and mentorship.

·      To minimise the risk of abuse and exploitation of children, young people, and vulnerable adults in esports by establishing an international community of vetted coaches and support staff and cultivating industry-wide awareness of safeguarding and professional practice.

·      To afford players, parents and potential employers a measure of protection and reassurance regarding the practice standards and professionalism of prospective coaches.


Esports should be for everyone. As such, we offer support for coaches and staff at all stages of their professional journey and encourage our members to pursue professional training to foster inclusivity.

We want our members to fulfil their career aspirations in esports. Our courses and training opportunities are created and delivered by established academics and leading esports professionals to help them take the next step.

With access to the expertise from our courses and the experience of our Federation community and partners, our members are in an ideal position to find employment opportunities in esports.

Through our training and mentoring we strive to empower our students and coaches to be autonomous in their growth and development, allowing them to continually elevate their skills and aspirations and the performance and well-being of those they work with.

We actively support research into esports coaching and performance to ensure our courses are informed by the best available evidence. This commitment to understanding and exploring professional practice allows us to support the esports industry in delivering safe and immersive experiences to all who participate.

SUPERSCRIPT - Provides business insurance designed specifically to meet the fast-changing needs of small businesses. It specialises in understanding and sourcing cover for the complex risks faced by innovative digital businesses. As tech insurance specialists, Superscript has a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their risks, including within the esports space. We have negotiated preferential rates for its insurance for esports coaches and teams across the UK, most of the EU and the US and Canada - such as professional indemnity and public liability insurance. We will support members outside of the UK and EU to find the best Insurance cover.

We strongly recommend that all coaches take out insurance.

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