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Any complaint reported to IFoEC will be taken seriously and will be managed through our robust complaint handling process, owned by our Business Manager. All complaints will be investigated by a member of our management team. This ensures that all complaints are resolved satisfactorily for all parties in a timely manner. To assist the process, please include as much detail as you can when submitting your complaint. If you feel that a criminal offence may have been committed, you should also report to the relevant authorities. In addition, if at any stage of our process we believe that a criminal offence may have been committed, we may, at any time, refer the complaint to the relevant authorities as well as following our internal complaints process.

Detailed below is our Complaints Process.

Stage 1 - Complaint is reported to IFoEC

Stage 2 - Complaint is logged in the Complaints Log. If the Business Manager feels that in accordance with IFoEC procedures, action is required ahead of the investigation, it will be discussed with a Director and the appropriate action will be taken. If at this stage it is a possibility that a criminal offence has been committed, IFoEC will report to the relevant authorities and will notify the complainant.

Stage 3 - Complaint is acknowledged by the most appropriate contact method within 24 hours.

Stage 4 - Complaint is investigated.

Stage 5 - The investigation is completed, and relevant action, in accordance with IFoEC procedures is agreed and implemented.

Stage 6 - Complainant is contacted by the most appropriate method with the complaint resolution, if the Complainant is not happy with the resolution and appeals the outcome, the complaint may need to be re -investigated depending on the circumstances. Should this situation arise, the Business Manager will discuss the next course of action with a Director.

Stage 7 - The Business Manager will propose feedback /action required for any member, employee, partner or business process as a result of the investigation of the case. Any agreed feedback/action will be delivered as a priority to the relevant member/employee, partner, or business function.

Stage 8 – The Complaint Log will be updated, and the case will be closed.

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